Supported and Unsupported Browsers

Unfortunately, the Young Life application you are trying to access is not yet supported for your browser.

Supported Browsers

Young Life Application
Chrome, Firefox, Safari
Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer
Background Check
Camp Reservation System
Camp Trip
Cash Flow
Deficit Administration
Driver Questionnaire
Faith and Conduct
Financial Principles Training
Growth Planning Software
Health and Consent Form
Mission Reports
Mission Security  
Application Access Levels
Security Administration  
My Security
New Employee Orientation
Payroll Reports
Priority Prospect List
Staff/Volunteer Roster
Time Accrual Reports

[1] The Staff portion of this application is compatible, but the Admin portion may not be compatible.
[2] Mission Reports consists of dozens of reports. Most reports currently work well, but a limited number of
     reports may not work correctly, or may have reduced functionality.
[3] Some reports may have reduced functionality. Some reports may display multiple toolbars instead of one.
     Multiple Mission Units cannot be selected in Internet Explorer 11. For such reports, only one Mission
     Unit can be selected in Internet Explorer 11 at this time.
[4] In Internet Explorer 11, Mission Security can only be used with the "F12 Developer Tools" Emulation options to tell Internet
     Explorer to use the Internet Explorer 10 user agent string. Please contact the Help Desk for additional information.


Recommended Web Browsers
Depending on your operating system, Young Life recommends using the following web browsers for the best performance:

IE 11
IE 10
Windows 10
Windows 8.1
Windows 8
Windows 7
Mac OS X

NOTE: Windows Vista and Windows XP are no longer supported by Microsoft.
These operating systems create security risks, and therefore are not recommended by Young Life.

Windows 10, Internet Explorer 11, and Edge Support
Microsoft Edge (Windows 10) may not work for all applications, but Internet Explorer 11 is also included with Windows 10 and can be used for almost all Young Life applications.

Note: If you are using Internet Explorer, and you still see this error page when trying to access an application, check Internet Explorer's Compatibility View Settings (from the Tools menu) and make sure has not been added to the Compatibility View list, and also make sure that "Display intranet sites in Compatibility View" and "Display all web sites in Compatibility View" are both unchecked.

Chrome, Firefox and Safari Support
Most Young Life web applications support Chrome and Firefox on both PC and Mac computers, as well as Safari on Macs.

Mac users will be able to access most applications, but a few applications can only be accessed on a Mac through a virtual machine — using tools such as Parallels, VMWare Fusion or Boot Camp — along with a Windows operating system.

Tablet and Mobile Support
Support for Young Life applications varies between applications and devices. Windows tablets will generally be compatible with most applications, and iPads will work with some applications. Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone devices will work with some applications.

The Mission Security "Application Access Levels" feature will work with almost all mobile devices.

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